Easy Stomp - Stompboxes

Is't an acoustic percussion instrument for those who like to play live. You just tap it with your toe or heel and get a bass drum or snare drum alike sound.

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What does the sound depend on?

  • Hardness of your shoe sole

  • How hard you hit

  • The surface your box stands on

You can play it with your hands or feet - using it as a cajon or mini-drums is not prohibited.

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6,3 mm standard jack output

Beechwood body (standard model) or ANY other wood. Coloring and gloss laquering also possible.

Can have one or two active zones with same or different sounds.

Custom logo may be applied.

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  • As many output jacks as you want

  • Volume knob possible

  • On/off swith for each zone possible

  • Any custom shape of the box possible

Who needs this box?

  • Fingerstyler

  • Bluesman

  • One-man-band

  • Percussionist

  • Beatmaker

You can plug into a

  • AMP

  • Mixer

  • Sound card

You can't plug it into

  • Effects pedal chain. It's an independent instrument, not another pedal.

Attention! The samples below have no equalization or effects at all - recorded "in line". If you want sample files to play with in your sequencer, just contact us. 

Бокс - бочка - Easy Fix
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Бокс - малый - Easy Fix
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Standard model cost is 55$.

Worldwide shipping.

1 year warranty.

For order DM us in instagram, or call.