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AM Elite Strat SSS EB OCT 01.png
We are professionals
We know how to deal with the sound
We have connections

Your instrument will be in hands of a professional luthier with engineering degree and huge guitar repair experience. Our knowledge is based on engineering science, not any tube tutorials or guitar forums. 

We can always tell how to reach the sound you imagine because we are musicians and play on stage, studio and do regular recording. All the musicians need from the firsthands.

If you need something rare, original, or just any guitar hardware or equipment - just tell us, we'll get.

You can just come and chill
Run from your life/wife

All tube amps, best guitars, best service. Geartalk. G.A.S.

We'll get you some nice tea, coffee, coockies.

We'll help with a guitar purchase

Need a new toy in your collection? We'll help you through on all levels: how to get a discount in the shop, how to get the best deal, how to find nice gear in Moscow.

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