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Fret buzz?

Not in tune?

Need different tone?

Action too high?

Time to refret?

Not comfortable to play?

перепайка звукоснимателей ESP
schecter гавно
замена порожка Gretsch
ремонт гитар Ibanez
Гитарная мастерская Jackson
Ремонт гитар Fender
Гитарная мастерская Gibson
склейка Martin
шлифовка Taylor
замена ладов
гитарный мастер Epiphone

We respect any brand

And work with any guitar issue!

No surpizes:​​

  • The cost of the works is not changed without you knowing

  • We won't accept the guitar if we'll not be able to do the work in time

  • Fixed price


  • Post-pay only

  • If the problem occurs again in 2 mounths you pay nothing to fix it


  • After the work is done instruments wait for its owners in a clean room on a guitar stand with permanent humidity.

  • No dust or dirt anywhere around your guitar

All kinds of guitar service

  • Our workshop has all the equipment for performing even the most complex electric and acoustic guitar repair including cutting, milling, truss rod change, refretting, neck profile correction, wiring, spraying in a boot etc.

  • We can even build a custom instrument from scratch.

Diagnostics and consultations are always free

If we are not very busy at the moment you arrive and all the repair you need can be made within 30-40 min we'll make it happen without any extra charges

You can leave your case or gigbag here

(most of workshops in Moscow do not offer that somehow)

We simply fix your guitar.

You simply enjoy the result.

Moscow, Mendeleevskaya Metro station, Novoslobodskaya 37/4

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